Back Cloudspear: Part I - The Ghosts of Takyr

  • Name
    Cloudspear: Part I - The Ghosts of Takyr
  • Author
    Kevin 'Scape Goat' Buscemi
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Pirates from the planet Takyr have been getting more and more aggresively lately. They've already hit a number of our supply convoys and it's going to get worse with time. Some local crime boss is getting a bit too ambitious for our liking. The New Republic would love take him out, but nobody seems to know where to find him. I do have one lead, that he hides at a place called Cloudspear, but it's not going to be easy looking into it.

Some of my sources are convinced that Cloudspear is somehow connected to the Othket Corporation. Othket headquarters is somewhere in the ruins of Deppen City. If Cloudspear exists, I'll find some information on it in the company record archive. The complex is crawling with pirate and mercenearies, I'd rather not stick around any longer than I have to...
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