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This is a collection of four maps by Don Sielke.

Operation DethStar: In retaliation the Empire has captured your ship and taken it to this hidden base for safe keeping, you must infiltrate the base to get your ship back. Your mission, find the Key that will get your ship back, and get to your ship.

Escape from SecBase II: Rebel Intel has reported the Empire is testing their new Dark Trooper Weapon in the area so be prepared.

Operation Tatooine: The infamous Boba Fett has been commissioned by the Empire to deliver data tapes to imperial commands on the outer rim. These data tapes contain vital information on empire's plans for strategic attacks on several worlds now sympathetic to the rebel cause. Before Boba Fett can deliver these command data tapes to the deployed fleet on the outer rim you must go to Tatooine and steal the plans from his personal base of operations. This base will be guarded by both mercinary and Imperial forces alike. If you fail many innocent worlds will fall to the empire and many people will die needlessly. If you run into Boba Fett himself eliminate him once and for all.

Impossible Rescue: C-3po has been captured and taken to Tatooine by Bounty hunters. You are to return to Tatooine and rescue C-3PO
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