Back Faust

A TIGHTLY SECURED Imperial base lies in the center of the trade port city Faust. Once housed in this base were valuable data tapes detailing future directions of Imperial tactics and weaponry. If recovered, these tapes could have proved a small victory for the Rebellion, and save many lives.

The data tapes were recently stolen from the Empire by an undercover rebel operative. Unfortunately, he was soon discovered by the Empire, but not before he managed to hide the tapes somewhere in the base. His whereabouts are currently unknown, meanwhile the Empire scours the base for the tapes. Our only information is that the tapes seem to have been hidden in a part of the base undergoing construction/expansion.

Your mission is to negotiate safe passage through the filth-ridden city, infiltrate the gaurdedbarrier wall of the Imperial base, and recover the data tapes. Beware of bounty hunters in the city; watch yourself once in the base. You're gonna have to use your head on this one.
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