Discovery at Ironfort
Complete Walkthrough

By Emambu

Start | Refinery Puzzle | Force Field Code | Final stages

Ok, from your landing zone, head straight for the crate. Circle around to the other side of it and pick up some Thermal Detonators. These things always come in handy. Now, head for the yellowish building that should be now off to your right. Bear left at the path and go through the door. The door to your left leads to a shield unit, so you can pick it up if you want. However, the more important path is straight down the stairs.

Eliminate the small contingent that has been gathered for you, and proceed to your left, around the building. Watch for the stormtrooper that snipes at you off to your left from above. There's only one way to move at this point, the building with the flashing lights on either side of the entrance. Head up the stairs, down the hallway and through the door. You're now outside once again.

At this point you have several paths to take. Some lead to bad guys, some lead to power ups, and one leads to your objective. You can explore around a bit, but for right now your first and foremost concern is getting to the command/control building. Therefore, hop up on to the raised portion of the ground and go straight down the stairs that are through the opening. Turn right then left, through another opening. You should now be facing a building with black pillars marking the entrance. Kill the guards and enter the building.

The hallway across the room just takes you to the rear side of the building, so turn left and proceed down the hallway. Open the door and kill the troops inside. Take the elevator down. When it stops, turn around and proceed through the opening to your left, wiping out imperials along the way. The room your in contains several pillars, and an elevator off to the left. Take the lift down. Go straight through the small hallway and open the door. Turn right, and kill the soldiers inside. Grab the yellow key. Congratulations, you now have a way of entering the command/control building.

The door to the right of the yellow key is locked so head back out the way you came. The switch to bring the elevator back down is off to your left on the other side of the bulkhead. Take the lift back up, and you should now be in the room with the numerous pillars. Head back towards the other elevator. Flip the switch in front of you and wait for the entire lift to stop. The elevator is divided into the three segments. Run across to the last segment and wait to be taken back up. Had you stayed on the first or second segment, you would not have been brought all the way back up. Head through the door on your right, go down the hallway and exit the building through the door on your right.

You should now be back outside with the front entrance to the building directly behind you. Turn right, and follow along the exterior length of the building. After the first curve you should see a large elevator to your left. Turn and face the lift but don't stand on it yet. On the right side you should see a switch. Press it and then hop on the lift as it takes you down into the landing zone for the command/control building. Kill the welcoming party. In front of you is your next objective. Head up the stairs that are on the right side of the building, and enter the door to your left.

Go straight down the hallway, and through the door. This will take you to another hallway that has a couple doors along the walls. Follow the blue floor texture all the way around the curve until it stops in front of a door. Upon opening it you should see a small room with a lift in it. Take the lift down, and kill the imperials in the control room. Flip the switch straight in front of you, which will lower the cargo doors, which you can see off to your right. Turn around, and head out the door on your right. Turn left and proceed down the hallway. Do not go up the stairs off to your right. Instead, keep moving straight and then bear left and go down the flight of stairs. Open the door to your left and proceed into the cargo room.

As you work your way through the turns, you will eventually come upon the cargo doors that recently opened, as well as several troops to greet you. Kill them, and proceed down the room. Turn left at the end and go through the opening with the flashing diamond shaped lights. You now have two choices. You can take the stairs or the elevator. The latter leads to the furnace room, but you need the blue key to disable the force field at the entrance. Therefore, the stairs are you only true option.

Take them down and flip the switch in front of you to open the door to your right and bring the elevator up to your level. Take the elevator down and proceed through the only opening. Go straight through the room and open the door at the other end. Enter the room and turn right. Continue around the pillar but do not go through the door straight ahead. Instead turn left and go straight (notice you're now on the other side of the fence), ignoring the opening to your right. Keep going straight until the room ends with two choices: a door to your left, and a door to your right. Take the one on the right.

Go straight through, open the door on the other side, and proceed into a much bigger room with a large piece of machinery in the middle of it. Open the big door to your left and proceed through into the hallway. However, take the first opening to you right. Head down this smaller hallway. Off to your right, you will see several officers. Kill them, and grab the blue key that one of them drops.

Now head back out the same way came in. When you reach the room with the fencing in the middle turn left. Once again, ignore the entrance and the door that will now be on your left. Go back to the elevator that brought you down here, and take it back up. Go up the stairs, but when you get to the top turn left and ride another elevator down. Turn right, and flip the switch to deactivate the force field (you can do this now because you have the blue key). Turn left and head down the room. Take the opening to your right, and then turn left and head into the furnace room. There's a control room sitting in the middle that you need to get to so bear right, go through the entrance off to your left. Turn left again and go up the stairs. Off to your left you will see a switch. Push it, and watch as the dormant furnaces ignite.

Head back out the way you came, and take the elevator back up to the cargo room. Work your way through the cargo room to the door on the other side. Go up the short flight of stairs and then head straight down the hallway. To your left is another flight of stairs. Take it. At the top you're once again faced with a choice: a door to your left, and a door to your right.

This time, take the one on the left. Kill the officers inside, and hop up on to the window ledge. Look down and to your left. See those cargo boxes? Jump on top of them. To your left is a window that houses a probe droid. It will attack the moment you jump on to those boxes so be ready. Jump through the window where the droid was. Open the door and head into the main refinery room. Since you turned on the furnaces the room should have power to it.

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