Discovery at Ironfort - Complete Walkthrough
By Emambu

Start | Refinery Puzzle | Force Field Code | Final stages

Now comes the fun part. Before you do anything, you need to know your surroundings. Straight ahead is a door that will take you into the refinery's control room. Off to your left, and down the walkway is a door which requires the ironfort key. About halfway down and to the right is another door requiring the ironfort key. The main storage areas for the liquid are divided into three segments. Two of these you have access to. The third one is all the way on the other side of the refinery. In each pool of liquid is a metallic stirrer.

Now, that you understand where everything is, get ready for some quick thinking, and good timing. Enter the control room, and flip both switches on your left. Run out of the room; turn right and head towards the pool of liquid on the far side, NOT the one closest to you. Jump on to the stirrer when it gets close enough and then jump through the window.

You're now in the hallway that divides the refinery. The door to your left is inaccessible at the moment. Slightly left and straight are two doors. One won't open and the other one opens so quickly that you don't have enough time to run through, flip the necessary switch, and then run back. Therefore, forget about them for now.

Besides, there's no time to think about it. Straight ahead is another window that leads to the pool of liquid closest to the control room. Hop up on the ledge and then when the stirrer is close enough jump on to it. When it gets close enough, jump off it to your left, and flip the switch (there's a second one hidden partly by a pillar but you can't reach it yet). Now, quickly jump back on the stirrer.

If you were fast enough the stirrer will make one last trip back to the window. Jump through the window, into the hallway, turn right, and go through the- now open- door. If you weren't fast enough the stirrer will not move as it has finished its cycle. When this happens you need to go back to the control room and start the cycle again.

Assuming you're quick enough, follow the hallway as it curves right and to its end. At the end are two switches. The one on your left moves the stirrer for the third pool of liquid. The one on your right lowers the pillar that was blocking another switch. Flip them both, and then jump on to the stirrer as it gets close enough. Then quickly leap back on to the platform. With the pillar lowered you can now flip the exposed switch.

Wait for the stirrer to come by again. Once more, leap on to the stirrer and then quickly leap back into the control room. Turn left and follow the hallway. Just as it curves, turn right. A section of the wall has risen, revealing the ironfort key. Grab it. When you exit the room turn left and head back to the control room. Flip the switch on your left to activate the stirrer. Jump on to it, and then quickly jump on to the platform.

You're finally finished. No more jumps are necessary. Turn right and open the door on you right (the one on your left won't open). Enter the hallway, turn left, and approach the locked door at the end. With the ironfort key, it will open for you. Turn right and head out of the refinery.

Follow the path around. Once you reach the hallway, make a sharp right and head down the flight of stairs. Open the door to you left. Look familiar? It's the cargo room. Cross through it again; turn left and head down the stairs. The elevator should be where you left it so you don't need to flip the switch this time. Enter the elevator and take it down. Head for the room with the fencing in the middle. Follow the path around the right, and this time enter the first door you see. It should be straight ahead and up a short flight of stairs. Enter the door and proceed through the door on the other side (be wary of a stormtrooper that will try to ambush you).

Continue straight and enter the door on your right. Proceed down the long hallway. When you open this door, you will find yourself in a large control room. Bear left and then go straight into an adjacent room. Open the door to your left and head through the short hallway. Open the door, and kill the officers inside. Head through the opening and turn left. Follow the hallway until it ends in front of a window. You can look below to see a section of Ironfort that you haven't yet been to but don't worry… you'll get there soon enough. In the mean time, turn around and flip the switch on the wall. You'll find out what that did in a minute.

Now, head back out the way you came, and keep going until you enter the room with the fencing in the middle. Now turn right, and then turn right again, moving down the hallway. Follow the path and head down the stairs. Open the door off to your right, enter the room, and then open the door to your left. Kill the imperials in the room and turn around to face the door. On the right side is a switch. By flipping the switch in the room above, you lowered a section of the wall revealing this switch. Flip it, and watch as two pillars to your right raise. Go through and head down the hallway. You can open the door to your right for some power-ups but the main objective is off to your left. With the ironfort key, you can open the mammoth freight elevator. Take the long ride down into the depths of the planet.

Down here, lights, and control panels flicker from lack of use and maintenance. Also, note that you're enemies are droids and not stormtroopers so be careful. As you exit, head straight through the door on the other side. Continue straight, across the platform, and into the mines. Now turn right, following the path along the right side of the rock formation, and through the entrance on the right. Now continue straight down the path, and then turn right once again. You should now find yourself in a small room with a ventilation shaft directly across from you, and mines littering the ground. Safely detonate the mines, and then open the small door, which grants you access into the ventilation shaft. It's a high-speed ride through the vents, but it's also pretty quick.

Soon, you will find yourself deposited into a new section of the mines. These are a bit more new, and there are stormtroopers down here. These are the mines that lead directly to the alien installation. Pick yourself up out of the water, and turn right following the path. It will soon deposit you into a huge area. Take out the soldiers in here and then bear left following the stairs all the way down. As you've probably guessed by now, the imperials have set up a small garrison next to the alien craft. The door needed to get in is off to your right. Go through, flip the switch, and wait for the room to finish sanitizing you.

Quickly head through the open door, killing the imperials as you go. When you enter the main control room, hug the wall to your left. As you look at the control panels, look for a switch hidden among one. Flip it and watch as the large door off to your right opens. Make your way through the door. There's only one way to proceed now. The door to your right will not open (It's the emergency elevator that Cascade 1 was talking about in the briefing). Therefore, continue straight, down the stairs, and open the door.

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