Discovery at Ironfort - Complete Walkthrough
By Emambu

Start | Refinery Puzzle | Force Field Code | Final stages

Fortunately, the unknown consists of droids and turrets, although they're much fiercer then the imperial version. Head down the stairs until you come out into a large room. Your next objective is to your left, but one of the doors won't open all the way. No problem. Head to your right and step on to an elevator, but don't activate it.

Instead, use your superior jumping skills to leap on top of one of the three columns in the room. Make your way across the columns, and jump back on to the ledge once you have passed the jammed door. Open the door in font of you and turn left. Insert the up-link device so Cascade 1 can decipher it. When you've done that return to the ledge and drop, don't jump, over the side.

"It's a food warehouse!" Man, all that effort for nothing. You must be kicking yourself right now. Oh well, you still have a job to do. There's only one way to move at this point. The door at the bottom of the room will open to allow passage. Enter the dark passageway. The door to your right won't budge so ignore it for now.

Head down the hallway, open the door, and step through into the next room. At the far side of the room is the second plasma conversion computer. However, as you make you're way through, Cascade 1 shouts out a warning before the comm link dies. Hmmm, maybe you should just plant that charge and get out before…

WAAAAAAHHHH!! There are still parasites in here. These things dish out a powerful punch and take a licking before finally succumbing. Kill the first one, then make you're back through the hallway. Uhoh, another one attacks you. Kill it quickly. Fortunately, when the second ones dies, the previously inoperable door opens, allowing a quick escape for you. Open the door in the room, and follow the path. Make your way up the stairs and jump into the elevator. Another parasite attacks you here. Deal with it.

When the elevator stops, step out and flip the switch straight in front of you. This opens up a section of the wall on the left hand side. Head towards it and prepare to be teleported. Fortunately, you are teleported right at the starting point of the alien ship. Turn right and head out of the ship. Bear left as you run out. Remember that elevator near the imperials control room, the one that was inaccessible at the time? Well, the door is open.

Time for a quick exit. Congratulations, you have just completed one long, fun mission! By the way I have to agree with Cascade 1 at this point, "What part of smooth and boring don't you understand?"

Hope that helps,