Discovery at Ironfort - Complete Walkthrough
By Emambu

Start | Refinery Puzzle | Force Field Code | Final stages

Welcome to the alien ship. Bet you wish you stayed on the surface huh? If you're feeling up to it, head straight through the door. Follow the path until it reaches an elevator, and take the lift down. The elevator will deposit you into a large, central hallway. Turn left, following the hallway as it moves through an opening on your right. Now make your way down the stairs.

At the bottom, you come to a choice: The elevator to your left, and then elevator to your right. Take the one on your left. It will take you down to another room overlooking a lower area and some stairs on the far side. Take the lift down to the lower half of the room, paying special note to the symbol you just pressed. Make your way up the stairs. When you reach the top, an elevator will begin to move. Kill the imperials unlucky enough to ride the elevator while you were next to it.

As you step on to this elevator you will notice three symbols: a circle with a dot, one with two dots, and another with three dots. The one with two dots should look familiar to you. Therefore, that should denote the floor you are on now. Push the symbol on the left, the one with one dot. Notice how the lift moves up. That means that the floor with the corresponding symbol is higher (or of a lower number) then floor you were just on. If you push the symbol with three dots, you will head down deeper into the ship. The means that it's symbol is lower (or of a higher number) then the floor you were just on.

Using this simple method, you can construct the number 1, 2, and 3. This will become important later on. For now, take the lift to the first floor. The room it deposits you in is small, with a pillar in the middle. Note the green screen in front of you. Head around to the other side of the pillar, and push the symbol. Now return to the green screen. It's gone, and a blue plasma conversion computer is now visible. Plant the charge, and take the elevator down. One down, one to go.

Take the elevator down to the third floor. Exit the elevator and go through the door. You will see a door to your right and an opening to your left. Take the opening (but note where you are, you will be returning shortly). As you make your way down the hallway, hug the wall to your left.

Eventually the wall will disappear and expand, as the room gets bigger. Turn around quickly and kill the soldiers attempting to ambush you. Now enter the new hallway. Again, hug the wall to your left. Enter the first door you see. It's a small control room, but it has several troops in it. Eliminate them and then press the symbol on the opposite wall.

A screen opens and you can barely make out a face on the screen. Press the screen. The voice is incomprehensible, but write the numbers down anyway: 8 2 6 4. Return to the elevator that brought you down here. Remember that door I said you would be re-visiting. Open it, and turn left. Go up the stairs and follow the hallway until you reach a door. Go through it and kill the imperials inside.

This is the central operating room for the installation. In addition to the various computer screens, this room also contains the means of bringing down the force field. On the other side of the pillar are four interactive screens. Starting from left to right you must put match these symbols with the code that was just given to you. Now you already know the second number "2." So, go ahead and place the symbol for "2" on the second screen.

The other three you should be able to figure out since you now know the pattern for the first three numbers. Remember, to put them left to right, and not right to left. You'll know you're right because you will hear a sound and the force field will disappear.

To get to the force field head back the way you came, towards the elevator that brought you down here. Once again enter the hallway and turn left. This time, however, when the hallway expands, ignore it and continue straight. You will soon come across a door. Open it, and turn right at the first opening. Step through the, now deactivated, force field. Imperials are gone. From here on out you're facing the unknown.

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Editor's note: you shouldn't need the walkthrough from here on in. Unless you're a genuine Dark Sider...