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May the 4th update

Posted by karjala on 2023-05-04 10:32:41 EST

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Happy May the 4th!

On this special Star Wars Day we have a lot of amazing updates for you! 

  • Dark Forces Community Patch 3 Release. Download
  • WDFUSE Editor Release 3.10 Download
  • New Custom mission Coober Revisited Download
  • Asset platform release Link
  • Levels now include new walkthroughs and reviews  Link
  • Dark Forces Walkthrough guy by Max Duckwall Link
  • Level Archive Search Program  Link


Dark Forces Community Patch

We are excited to release the new version of the Dark Forces Community Patch. Version 3 adds more bug fixes, new visual and audio effects, new objectives, and restored cut content. 

You can Download it Here

There are a lot of new visual additions to make the levels feel more realistic. You can now see Imperial Ships docked around the missions.



We even have tie fighters patrolling the nearby space! 



Here are the patch notes:

1. Re-add GEARUP cutscene
1. Map improvements for TFE - allow more buildings to be visible in the distance
2. Fix floor texture alignment near start
1. Fix ELEVSTRT disabling at end of level
2. Add lights to platform
1. Fix the crack in the elevator room 
2. Yard elevator go up after 3 seconds
3. Remove INT droids from Ewok cell
4. Alter elevator area so no fall damage taken
5. Move turret in elev passage so can be hit at better angle
6. Added new objective when nearing Crix's cell
7. Added a switch to disable the poison gas. 
8. Moved platform switch inside the system to prevent player getting stuck.
1. Disable re-entry to facility after charges set
2. Fix starting area so Crow doesn't pass through wall
3. New location for ice cleats - near crates
4. Improved lighting
5. Add slow movement to pools of acid
1. Make redbox sector a light switch, plus music. Also add chairs to bar
2. Fixed sky texture for sector 163
1. Allow kell dragon sector to be sent back down, to allow backtracking
1. Disable access back to ISO building after passing through vault and getting data tapes
2. Fix buildings near start so Crow doesn't fly through walls
3. Add scenery visible from top of ISO building
Fuel Station
1. Add TIE fighter VUE outside cantina windows
2. Add cantina music
3. Add shuttle on a platform (scenery only, no access)
4. Make exterior areas full sized and more detailed
5. Reset switch colours to a single state. Not red/blue toggling
6. Auto open door when elevator near control room goes down
7. Control room console blinks during arm rotation
8. Add passage which allows player to return to control room without re-solving rotating platform puzzle
Arc Hammer
1. Add sound to conveyor belts
2. first sequencer charge area - make piston slower so switch is easier to discover 

WDFUSE 3.1 Release

The Dark Forces Editor 3.1 is now released. You can download it here 




It has a lot more bug fixes and feature. Here are the patch notes. 

1. You can now load GOBs directory without making a new project.
2. You now longer need to specify a project name - it will be created automatically if empty.
3. Fixes loading of WEDIT 1.0 special symbol projects.
4. If you only have one level in the gob WDFUSE will auto select it without prompting.
5. Added an option to rename projects
6. Added an option to Load a backup 
7. Fixed an issue where cancelling a project with many levels would load the wrong level
8. Added a warning to prevent you from writing into an existing project. 
Map Editor:
1. Remove Toast notifications
2. Font used will now be preserved in INF editor.
3. Fixed the LVL / Header link in WDFUSE pointing to the same menu when they should be different components.
4. Now show the length of the ruler at the top(CTRL+ALT and drag)
5. Added an option to automatically match Top and Bottom textures when extracting and adjoining.
1. Textures in the Project folder are now sorted properly.
2. Added a new central Asset Folder to choose assets from
3. Added auto conversion of 11khz vox audio files
4. Automatically copy over custom assets to your project folder when selected
1. Added Wax Converter 2.0 to the bundle
1. Fix backup spam if you rename the backup folder
2. You will no longer be prompted to specify a ReadMe text file 


Coober Revisited Release

Fish (Oton Ribic) has released a new custom mission. Coober Revisited ! It's a fun remake of an older mission.

Kyle realizes that the Coober incident was caused by the Empires spacetime distortion experiments....

Check it out Here



Asset Platform Release

After many years of work we have finally released the Dark Forces Asset Platform. You can now easily browser for all the Dark Forces Assets!

You can now easily find BMs, WAX, Audio Files, and even Voxels. You can search by custom tags and text!

Here we are searching for Droids. 

It allows you to easily link to each asset and clicking on each item will allow you to get information from it. 


Check out the Asset Collection here


Level MetaData Updates

We've expanded the level information to include additional meta-data such as creation date, reviews and modern (TFE) wakthroughs. 

New Dark Forces Walkthrough Guide

Max Duckwall was kind enough to record new walkthroughs using The Force Engine. Here is the link to the entire Walkthrough Playlist


Dark Forces Map Search

Star Wars: Dark Forces has a long history of talented artists creating custom assets and graphics for custom missions. From bulletin boards and FTP sites, pockets and troves have been passed down and preserved by fans, adding depth and character to Kyle Katarn's adventures.

When we rebuilt DF-21.net a few years ago, we dug through old HDDs and archives, explored ancient corners of Internet archive, and were pleasantly surprised the many places we found assets. Even, so our search continues, and we are calling out for one last great search.

If you have any Dark Forces levels or art assets, we would like to archive them. Even if it was something you never publicly released, we want to preserve that work, adding to the creative tapestry this community has woven over almost 3 decades.

If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist." - Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu

We have compiled a list of Star Wars: Dark Forces missions, but are still looking for a few and always on the lookout for something new or unknown.

Level List is here Level Guide

Here you can see exactly what we have on the site. If you have something we don't have please submit it here


Happy May 4th to the Star Wars Community! =)